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The general Laidoner Memorial Race 2010

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The General Laidoner Memorial Race 2010 takes place in the form of a social endeavour from June 24th to June 26th 2010. The organizing committee wishes to see this year’s race focused on the participants.
Our purpose is to arrange the event in a manner that one’s wife should not sigh: "Again another weekend for you and your friends to drink beer!" Although there is an old saying: “There is no need to bring trees to the forest,” we believe that this race is a pure "gentlemen's" meeting where one is expressly expected to ask his wife to accompany him! Furthermore, one should provide a proper amount of money for his wife at times, so she could obtain appropriate clothing for herself. It might happen that next year it would be your wife who asks in the spring:"Can we take part in General Laidoner Memorial this year too?" The children are also welcome.

The memorial race of the victorious commander of the Estonian War of Independence Johan Laidoneri is planned to start at the general’s last home, the manor of Viimsi, and end in the city of Pärnu. All the participants will join the Grand Tour of Estonia on Midsummer Day 2010 to form a great procession and exhibition.
This year there will be a limited number of invited participants in the General Laidoner Memorial. If you have not received an invitation, but you have a suitable vehicle in suitable condition and a desire to participate, please send an appropriate message to the organizing

Raivo Hannus, Üllar Suvemaa, Märt Aarne


THE FIRST DAY, June 24th
* At 18:00 (6:00 PM) in the evening the participants will gather in front of the Viimsi manor house.
Vehicles are parked along the circle road in front of the manor house.
* The opening of the General Laidoner Memorial 2010.
* The participants will then go inside the Viimsi manor house (The Estonian War Museum - General Laidoner Museum) and become familiar with the museum’s new exposition, particularly the exposition of medals and orders. The tour will be led by the museum’s tour guide.
* After the tour the participants will be directed to the Viimsi
located near the manor house.
The participants of the memorial race are accommodated:
a) at Viimsi Peokeskus Savoy hotel, where double rooms and one suite for four are available;
b) at Viimsi SPA, located within 500 m, where double rooms are available.
* Vehicles are parked on the parking lots of the accommodation facilities.
* Dinner is served in the large ballroom of Viimsi Peokeskus. There will be a three-course dinner party and music for dancing.

* At 7:30 to 9:00 in the morning breakfast is served at the accommodation facilities. In Viimsi Peokeskus each participant will receive a picnic basket, which is to be used later during the coffee break in the LaitseRallyPark, where the speed trial takes place.
* At 9:00 all participants will gather in the parking lot next to the Viimsi Peokeskus on Pargi street.

The second day includes two competitions:
- The first one is a rally-type of competition, which consists of two stages of precision-ride to evaluate the accuracy of driving according to a predetermined schedule, and a speed trial in LaitseRallyPark, where the speed of travelling the track is measured;
- The second one is a Concours d’Elegance-type of competition, in which all the participants evaluate (according to their own criteria) the vehicles of other participants and the style of passengers. This competition should be carried out during the break.

* At 9:15 in the morning the first vehicle starts on the route Viimsi to LaitseRallyPark.
* At 10:30 the first vehicle arrives at LaitseRallyPark.
* At 10:45 to 11:45 speed trials at LaitseRallyPark. The trail is marked on the asphalt road and is similar to autoslalom (or autocross). Driving at very high speeds is not possible!
* Coffee will be served for picnic meals during speed trials.
* At 12:00 the first vehicle starts on the route LaitseRallyPark to Haapsalu.
* At 13:00 (1:00 PM) the first vehicle arrives at the finish at the town border of Haapsalu.
* At the town border participants will be greeted by the mayor of Haapsalu. When the last contestant has finished all the participants will drive in procession to the Haapsalu Kuursaal, where the vehicles will be displayed for the townsfolk to see.
* At 14:00 to 15:00 (2:00 to 3:00 PM) lunch is served in Haapsalu Kuursaal.
* At 15:15 (3:15 PM) city tour in Haapsalu with the tour guide.
* At 17:00 (5:00 PM) all the participants will drive in procession through the town of Haapsalu to the FRA MARE THALASSO SPA at Paralepa beach, Ranna tee 2.
* Accommodation is provided in the FRA MARE hotel, where double rooms are available. Vehicles are parked in the hotel’s parking lot.
* At 19:00 (7:00 PM) dinner is served in the FRA MARE hotel’s restaurant Bergfeldt.Bergfeldt. Artists and dance music help to spend the evening.

THE THIRD DAY, June 26th
* At 7:00 to 8:45 in the morning breakfast is served at the hotel’s restaurant.
* At 9:00 all participants drive jointly from Haapsalu through Lihula and Paatsalu to Tõstamaa.
* At 11:00 a tour in the manor house of Tõstamaa.
* At 11:45 all participants drive jointly to Valgerand.
* At 12:30 - 13:30 (12:30 to 1:30 PM) lunch is served at the Villa Andropoff’s restaurant in Valgerand.
* At 13:30 (1:30 PM) all participants drive jointly to Pärnu, to the corner of Mere avenue and Side street.
* At 14:00 (2:00 PM) the participants of Grand Tour of Estonia on Midsummer Day and of the
General Laidoner Memorial join at the corner of Mere avenue and Side street in order to start the joint procession through the capital of the 30th International Hanseatic Days, Pärnu.
* At 14:30 (2:30 PM) the procession of cars and motorcycles starts moving along the route:
Side street, Tammsaare avenue, Supeluse street, Kuninga street, Aia street, Akadeemia street, Lõuna street, Ringi street, Mere avenue.
* After the procession has arrived at the destination the vehicles are parked on Mere avenue and are presented for viewing by the visitors of the Hanseatic Days. The "head" of the procession stops at the Mudaravila (mud baths) building, the section of Mere avenue from Mudaravila to Ringi street is at our disposal. The parking area adjoins the Hanseatic Village of the 30th International Hanseatic Days. During this time everybody can partake in activities of the Hanseatic Village.
* At 17:00 (5:00 PM) all participants drive jointly to Estonia SPA, where in the Pargi Maja café a dinner will be served with official ending ceremony of the race, the handing out the awards and the making of summaries.
* At 19:00 (7:00 PM) the official ending of the General Laidoner Memorial 2010.

Thereafter one has several possibilities for further activities:
- To remain in the café to celebrate. Accommodation is also available on the spot, but prior booking is required. Raivo Hannus can help in arranging this: raivo@konse.ee
- To proceed to Vändra, where the ending ceremony of the Grand Tour of Estonia on Midsummer Day takes place. The participants of the Grand Tour will start moving to Vändra right after the exhibition of vehicles on Mere avenue ends. They arrive in Vändra approximately five o'clock.
- To start the journey home. The long summer evenings allow getting to almost every corner of Estonia by starting the journey at seven o'clock in the evening.

* Accommodation and catering (excluding alcohol) during the General Laidoner Memorial 2010 for all participants is included in the entry fee, which is 2200.- EEK per person.
* The terms of registration are listed in the forum-part of the website www.vanatehnika.ee, see: REGISTREERIMINE


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